A Certifier is a body that issues certificates of conformity.

A Certifier is able to issue a Certificate of Conformity (Certificate) for Level 3 equipment. A Certificate is required to register Level 3 equipment.

Certifiers that are declared as Recognised External Certification Schemes (RECS) can also issue a Certificate of Suitability for level 2 or level 1 equipment. Such certification is not mandatory but may be voluntarily obtained by an overseas manufacturer, a manufacturer based in Australia or New Zealand, an importer, or a responsible supplier as a means to assist in their documentation to show the equipment meets the requirements of the electrical equipment safety system legislative requirements.

Note: All certificate details issued by a RECS in accordance with the Equipment Safety Rules are uploaded to the National Certification Database.

Certifiers who are declared as New South Wales Recognised External Approval Schemes (REAS) can only upload Level 3 certificate details onto the National Certification Database.

Certificates issued by certifiers must meet the requirements of the equipment safety rules, regardless of if the equipment is level 1, level 2 or level 3.

Note: Applicants for a certificate may need to engage the services of a consultant (who meets the definition of a Suitably Qualified Person in the Equipment Safety Rules) to assist them in compiling appropriate documents required to make an application for certification. This would be the situation where the applicant for certification is not aware of the requirements or technical detail of information required to be supplied to obtain a certificate.

Under the Electrical Equipment Safety System the following bodies can issue certificates for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 equipment:

1. Regulatory Authorities (RAs) Australian and New Zealand government departments or agencies responsible for the administration of electrical equipment safety legislation and regulations, and who provide certification services. Such Regulatory Authorities will agree to appropriate standards of performance by self-declaring compliance. This declaration will be supported by existing government accountability measures such as financial and administrative standards, internal auditing procedures, and the oversight of respective Houses of Parliament.

2. Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS) that are:

  • Accredited by JAS-ANZ;
  • Recognised by all Regulatory Authorities; and
  • Endorsed to issue Certificates of Conformity for level 3 equipment and Certificates of Suitability for level 2 and level 1 equipment which are recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand based on this accreditation and recognition, according to the Equipment Safety Rules.

Note: Accredited NSW REAS Certifiers can continue to upload Level 3 equipment certificate details onto the National Certification Database for Responsible Suppliers to register that equipment. NSW REAS Certifiers are not recognised in the EESS to issue level 2 or level 1 electrical safety certificates.

Information on equipment certification.

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