A person may apply to a Certifier for a Certificate of Conformity (Certificate) for a type of Level 3 in-scope electrical equipment. They may also apply for a voluntary Certificate of Suitability for level 1 or level 2 in-scope electrical equipment. All Certificates are issued in accordance with the Equipment Safety Rules (link to rules). 

The application must be in the approved form, and accompanied by:

  • A test report from an approved testing entity,
  • The equipment itself or colour images showing the internal and external construction of the equipment;
  • Technical documentation describing the item
  • Instruction for the safe use of the equipment
  • Other documents as required by the certifier and as per the Equipment Safety Rules; and
  • The required application fee.

Contact the certifier of your choice to determine process for making an application for certification and their fee structure.

The following certifiers are currently recognised for issuing certificates in the electrical equipment safety system (EESS):


Regulatory Authorities (RAs)

  • Electrical Safety Office (Queensland) – for Queensland companies only
  • Energy Safe Victoria – for all companies nationally and internationally
  • New South Wales  Fair Trading  – for all companies nationally and internationally
  • Office of the Technical Regulator (South Australia) – for South Australian companies only
  • Workplace Standards, Department of Justice (Tasmania) – for Tasmanian companies only


Recognised External Certification Schemes (RECS)

For level 3 Certificates of Conformity and level 1 and level 2 Certificates of Suitability


New South Wales Recognised External Approval Schemes (NSW REAS)

NSW REAS (level 3 certificates of conformity only)

  • The Australian Gas Association
  • Australian Safety Approval
  • Market Access (AUS) Pty Ltd trading as Certification Body Australia
  • SAA Approvals Pty Ltd
  • SAI Global Certification Services Pty Ltd
  • SGS Australia – Electrical Product Certification Services Pty Ltd
  • TUV Rheinland Australia Pty Ltd
  • EESS Conformity Certification Services (CCS)
  • Global-Mark Pty Ltd
  • UL International New Zealand Limited

Note:Accredited NSW REAS Certifiers can continue to upload Level 3 equipment certificate details onto the National Certification Database for Responsible Suppliers to register that equipment. NSW REAS Certifiers are not recognised in the EESS to issue level 2 or level 1 electrical safety certificates.