Uniform Electrician Licensing Across Australia


In 2001, the National Uniform Electrical Licensing Advisory Council (NUELAC) released the following uniform set of requirements for licensed electricians.

The document provides advice to industry, particularly Registered Training Organisations, about the regulatory requirements that an apprentice electrician must satisfy before being issues with an electrical license.

In 2014 these essential capabilities were reviewed with the assistance of representatives from state regulators, training providers, unions, employer groups and licensees in Australia and New Zealand to ensure they were still relative and adequate. The result was a revised 55 Essential Performance Capabilities (EPC55) available at the link below:

- List of Essential Performance Capability Requirements for Licensed Electrician


National Occupational Licensing (NOLs)

The Occupational Licensing National Law Act 2010 was passed by the Parliament of the host jurisdiction, Victoria, on 17 September 2010. The introduction of the NOLS legislation was abandoned in December 2013.